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Dickleburgh Moor

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Dickleburgh moor is a 50 acre site owned by The Otter Trust who are restoring it as a water meadow to create a wildlife haven. A former glacial lake which has slowly silted over the years, the land has been used as a hay meadow and pumped dry for the last 31 years. In the coming years, with the support of Natural England and the community, the trust would like to create a shallow lake in the centre of the site.

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Bird hides will be added and a path created to improve visitor access. A herd of redpoll cattle is being introduced to improve the potential for breeding wading birds. Recently the site has flooded attracting flocks of golden plover and whooper swans. It is still home to water vole, lapwings, which can easily be seen, also otters and occasionally rare visitors such as Spoonbill and many others, adding to the sites impressive species list. The Otter Trust has said it will ensure the site will be restored in a sympathetic manner.

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