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This section explains the process followed to produce and agree the Neighbourhood plan

This started with a public meeting in the Village Centre, where around 100 parishioners met to discuss the impact new housing and the Greater Norwich Local Plan would have on this parish. At the time, it looked like the village of Dickleburgh was going to be swamped with new housing, with no thought to the current residents’ views of where they would go or what kind of housing it would be. It was agreed that we needed to take control as a community. We surveyed those at the meeting to discover where people would like houses to be built if it was up to them. We conducted a parish-wide survey that gave us over 2,000 thoughts on life and improvements that could be made in the parish. This has been the driver of all subsequent decisions and policies related to the neighbourhood plan. 


Over the last few years, the NP team has met to discuss issues highlighted by the surveys and created policies for the neighbourhood plan. They have talked to and met with a wide variety of local and national groups along with officers of the District and County Council to ensure the policies are relevant and have merit. To date, there have been three consultation events, “Have your say” and “Have your say 2” and Reg 14 final consultation.


The neighbourhood plan has completed a final 6 week consultation as per Regulation 14, consultation - all responses have been recorded and reviewed.

Details of the team, results of meetings, environmental assessments and other relevant documentations are all available on these pages.

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