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Circumstances are changing. Norfolk as a county is under a great deal of pressure to expand its housing stock in order to increase its population and provide housing for those already here. The Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) has identified the need to build 50,065 new homes (Reg. 18 Consultation Growth Options) of which between 50 and 60 of these homes have to be built in this parish. By creating a Neighbourhood Plan we will be able to identify the priorities of the residents of the parish and ensure they are properly observed and any development is truly in sympathy with the aspirations, needs, wants and dreams of the current residents of this parish.

The Dickleburgh and Rushall Neighbourhood plan boundaries.

The Dickleburgh and Rushall Neighbourhood Plan (NP) will give people in our two villages greater control over the way we grow and develop. Through our NP we will be able to determine where the new houses are built, provided we use assessment criteria set out by the GNLP. The last word may always be with the planning officers but they will need to identify reasons why they disagree with us. We will also have a much stronger voice on housing capacity and building styles. We can also provide evidence to support arguments around transport and transport issues.  In addition, we can address the question of the infrastructure, green spaces and the environment in and around our villages. Without a Neighbourhood Plan, we are largely in the hands of the district council planning office and private developers.

This Neighbourhood Plan can only come into being with your support.  South Norfolk will only accept a Neighbourhood Plan if it represents the wishes of residents.

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